Oxfam Trading Excellence Awards – Ali Adam Mukhtar


Each year Oxfam invite nominations for their Trading Excellence Awards. The purpose of the awards is to highlight the remarkable work that is carried out by tens of thousands of volunteers across Oxfam’s shop network.


Award Winning Sutton and District Training Student

Ali Adam Mukhtar was named Young Volunteer of the Year 2020

This award is for a volunteer (under the age of 26) who has shown exceptional commitment to volunteering within the Trading Division.

Congratulations for all that you have achieved. I hope that you will be happy in England and that you will find a way to support your family in Sudan. I hope too that you will take great pride in the fact that your work for Oxfam has been marked in this way. You know that supporting the worlds poorest communities is more important than ever at the moment. Please accept my personal thanks for helping us do this.

– Anne Webb – Acting Trading Director | Oxfam

As part of the ESOL programme at Sutton and District Training, Ali Adam had the opportunity to gain work experience at a local charity shop (Oxfam) in Carshalton.

Ali Adam was born and educated in Sudan and has been a resident in the UK for just under 3 years. In October 2017 he was referred to Sutton and District Training to study on our ESOL programme.

Under supervision, he assisted staff in the day to day activities of running the shop. He sorted out clothing into sizes, steamed them, checked the cubes and arranged for the clothes to be put into colour blocks. Ali Adam was also given the opportunity to gain experience with till / cash handling.

Ali Adam - Award Winning Sutton District Training Student

Ali Adam – Award Winning Sutton District Training Student

This work placement gave Ali Adam the opportunity to continue to improve his English speaking skills and to engage socially with other adults, thus improving his confidence more.

Sharon Hughes (Oxfam Store Manager) was so pleased with his work at Oxfam Carshalton and over the last 3 months, Ali Adam has:

  • Shown excellent work ethic
  • Developed his personal skills
  • Interacted with other staff professionally and socially
  • Always happy to help other members of staff with work loads
  • Always happy to help and show customers around the shop

Ali Adam has achieved the following during his programme:

  • Entry Level 1 ESOL Skills for Life
  • Entry Level 2 Award in Employability
  • Entry Level 1 ICT
  • Entry Level 3 Maths

He has since continued his education with Sutton & District Training and is now studying and working towards achieving the following this year alongside looking to obtain a part-time job within the Retail/Charity Industy

  • Entry Level 2 English – Reading, Writing and Speaking & Listening
  • Entry Level 3 ICT
  • Level 1 Maths
Ali Adam - Award Winning Sutton District Training Student

Ali Adam – Award Winning Sutton District Training Student


I would like to thank my manager “Sharon Hughes” at Carshalton Oxfam who has worked with my college “Sutton & District Training” for giving me this great opportunity to gain work experience at Oxfam Carshalton. It has allowed me to build up my confidence and improve my English Language Skills.

I have really enjoyed working with the team and interacting with customers. I especially enjoy speaking and helping the customers and telling them about the work we do at Oxfam. It has been fun working with people in an organisation that helps so many people all over the world.

Since lock-down, I have missed mixing with a variety of people, including all of my colleagues at Oxfam Carshalton.

Thank you so much for this award, it means a lot to me. – Thank you speech from Ali Adam


Thank you very much for joining us yesterday. It was wonderful to have you all in the call to share your achievements and great stories. We highly value everything that you do for Oxfam and we hope that we were able to demonstrate yesterday how much our volunteers mean to us.

Congratulations again and I am sure once shops are up and running there will be an opportunity to celebrate it together. Thank you again and well done!

-Elena Laguna – Head of Volunteering | Trading Oxfam GB


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