The pandemic has changed the workplace for ever, with a shift to remote working for many.

What impact will a ‘hybrid’ way of working have on how we communicate, connect and create?


People with digital skills will be vital to companies who use technology to enable multiple modes of working.

If you have interests in communication technology, social media applications, data, tools and collaboration features, that person could be you.

Creative Digital Media is used in almost every industry. There are different tools, software’s and applications used to enhance a businesses profile. Here we explore the reasons why they are an important part of any businesses output.

Social Media

Every business should have a social media presence. From small companies to big national companies social media is an essential part of a businesses marketing strategy.

There are over 45 million people around the world now using social media. Having an online presence makes you more connected with your customers, can increase awareness of your brand and boost sales.

Pod Cast

Having a podcast for your business can be a powerful marketing tool. It can be a more personal way to reach out to customers. Being able to hear a voice gives the audience a better connection rather than just reading information on a page.

Using a podcast can help you reach out to a new audience. Listeners can subscribe to your series and as long as you are creating good content your subscribers will continue growing!


SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’. Having good SEO can increase the quality and quantity of traffic coming through to your website.

The reason why it is so important is that it gives your business more visibility online. Having good SEO can give you a higher ranking.

When someone searches for a term/keyword relating to your business it ensures your company will appear at the top. This will give you more business and more chance to convert a prospect into a customer.


What is the course about?

SDT’s Creative Digital Media course provides learners with the opportunity to learn the skills needed to enter into the media world.

This course will have a strong emphasis on the personal and social skills needed to be successful in the workplace.

Combined with English and Maths it will enable learners to be work ready with the skills needed for the future.

The media industry is very fast paced. This course will help learners develop their skills and move on to their chosen career path.

Course starting in September 2021 please contact us if you are interested!