Game design courses in Carshalton – EOB Academy

If you are interested in the Enemy of Boredom Game Design course, then please see more about the course, email here download a prospectus

What is game design?

Game design – there is a lot that goes into designing a game. You are drawing from fields such as graphic design, creative writing, computer science, programming, and many more.

The Gaming industry is very thriving at the moment, and the number of careers available in this field is on the increase.

Designing your own video game is a dream job, especially if you’re an avid gamer, being able to bring to life your imagination and ideas and take a creative lead in the creation of a game can be very enjoyable.

Video games have come on leaps and bounds in the past decade from the famous platform games like Sonic and Mario where you are playing against the computer to Minecraft and Fortnite where you can play online with people around the world!

Game design courses in Carshalton - EOB Academy

Game design courses in Carshalton - EOB Academy

What you will learn and do on the EOB Academy Game Design Course:

  • Understanding of the video games Industry
  • Plan and Produce Work to a Design Brief
  • Creating Art for 2D Games
  • 2D Game Design
  • 2D Game Production
  • Sound Production for Computer Games
  • 3D Modelling for Computer Games
  • Story Development for Computer Games

What are the entry-level requirements on the game design course:

It’s a level 2 NCFE course, and to sign up, you must have at least a level 1 English and Maths – if you have not achieved this, you will need to provide a written statement and evidence about why you feel this course is right for you.

EOB Academy – who are they?

Enemy of Boredom is an academy (EOB Academy) specialise in Esports, Future Media, and game design. The EOB Academy offers small class sizes to create video games and grassroots esport teams. They then go on to compete in our event competitions.

‘Its a place for young people to come and feel comfortable while learning together and learning from each other, using video gaming and esports to build futures. It’s a place where ideas are shared, and individuals can explore their passions with the support of trainers and industry professionals”. – Steve Godwin Creator at Enemy of Boredom Academy’ 

How do esports fit in?

Each class will set up its own esports team, design their brand, and create a uniform. Then students will compete in competitions against other classes. This teaches teamwork, communication skills, and how to have a lot of fun, both winning and learning how to stay humble in the face of defeat.   

Fun Esports facts 

  • 205+ Million Viewers Worldwide
  • Gamers are recognised as professional athletes
  • DOTA 2 Tournaments Have Paid 60+ Million in Prizes
  • 800+ Million Viewing Hours on Twitch
  • Ginx eSports TV is the First Official eSports Channel
  • Highest Earners In the US
  • Largest Single Prize Pool is $18 Million

If you are interested in Game design courses in Carshalton with EOB Academy, then please see more about the course, email here or download a prospectus.