Once you have completed your chosen course at SDT at the highest level you may be thinking how you get your career started after College. Where do i go from here? What are my next steps?

It can be hard to know what the next steps are after studying for so long, many people can feel at a loss. Here we will explore some of the options available to a college leaver and look at some possible job roles to go into after completing your chosen course.

If you are struggling with the next step why not book an appointment with a career’s adviser at SDT who will be able to support, you. If you want to progress onto the next level at SDT talk to your tutor. 

Please call 0208 687 5225 where a member of staff will be able to help you.

Get your career started after College

Employment – Hairdressing & Barbering

People will always need to get their hair cut so there will always be jobs in this industry. 

Hairdressing/Barbering is a booming industry, COVID has only made it clearer to us how much we rely on our local hairdressing/barber shop!

The average salary for a Hairdresser/Barber can be anything from £14,000 – £30,000 (starting from a junior stylist to Salon Manager). If you go down the self employment route the salary can vary again depending on the hours you put in. 

There are alot of benefits working for yourself:

  • Being your own boss means not having to answer to anybody
  • You can decide what services you offer
  • You can work your own hours and take time off when you want
  • Start out mobile to cut down on costs while you build up your client base
  • Eventually build your business up to own your own Salon

Getting into an Apprenticeship is a great way to kick start your hairdressing/barbering career, you are learning while getting paid! See our Apprenticeship page for more info.


Employment – Games Design

The video gaming industry has increased significantly and will only grow further in the upcoming years. With the gaming industry growing at such a fast pace this will obviously generate more and more jobs.

Getting into the gaming industry is becoming an increasingly popular career choice, there are lots of different technical and creative job roles you could enter into, these include:

  • Games Designer
  • Animator
  • Game Writer
  • Software Developer
  • Game Programmer

Working in the gaming industry can be very rewarding and have a fun work environment. In this ever growing industry jobs are constantly opening up. To help boost your chances of going to the next level after finishing your course you should try and attend gaming events and join forums so you can hear about the latest opportunities. Having a portfolio of your work will be key to employers so you should work on this and have a go at designing your own game that showcases your talents.


Employment – Construction / Multi Skills

The UK construction industry pulls in an estimated £90 billion annually and stands as one of the leading employers virtually everywhere. This is another industry where you can chose to work for an employer or chose to go self employed. You may want to start working for someone, build up your experience and then chose to go and work for yourself.

Here are some of the positions available in the construction industry:

  • Construction Manager
  • Wood Machinist
  • Construction Worker
  • Joinery Foreman
  • Site Manager

This industry is always in need of skilled workers making it a great option for anyone wanting to join. Employers are always willing to take on an apprentice, giving young people excellent opportunities to land positions in this lucrative industry.

Please see our courses page for our full range of courses we offer or feel free to contact us for further information on how to get your career started after college.