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What is a Beauty Therapist?

What is a Beauty Therapist

Being a Beauty Therapist can be a very fulfilling creative career choice. In the UK the Beauty industry is worth billions of pounds. More and more students are choosing a career in this field due to its variety and demand.

You will learn a variety of skills including anatomy and physiology, it is important for a therapist to know how the human body works and how it could respond to certain treatments.

If you are undecided about becoming a Beauty Therapist here are a few reasons why this could be the right career choice for you. Then you can take the next step and join our Hair and Beauty course in Sutton.


Why become a Beauty Therapist?

why become a beauty therapist

Plenty of job opportunities

The career options are endless for a Beauty Therapist. There are so many different sectors/roles within this industry, some of the being: Massage Therapist, Nail Professional, Makeup Artist, Esthetician, Hairstylist and many more.

The option to be your own boss

Being your own boss can give you the freedom to work your own hours, decide which jobs you want to take or turn down and give you the opportunity to grow something and even have the option of owning your own Salon and build an empire!



Working in this industry you have the advantage