SDT are introducing industry placements which will enable young people to gain the skills that they need to move into employment.

You will be matched with a placement in the occupational area you want to work in.

A quality industry placement will arm you with the technical skills you will need to give yourself the best possible chance for entering skilled employment.

Meet Raees Ahmed:  He is interested in Mechanics and is planning his next steps to obtain an Apprenticeship in Mechanics. Raees is on an Industry Placement with Construction Company Galliford Try and their subcontractor Vital Energi. He’s been working on the construction of an energy centre in Woking: a 42,013sqft GEA, two-storey plant space on the ground and first floor, with a second floor of Cat B offices for the client. The new building will generate low carbon heat and power supplies for development in the town centre of Woking and is part of the vital town’s infrastructure, enabling Woking to grow sustainably. The new energy centre will secure the future of low carbon energy supplies on Woking for the next 50 years. Raees has obtained valuable experience, especially with VitalEnergi who develop the energy infrastructure of the site.

Benefits of a placement include an opportunity for the student to:

Develop their employability “soft skills” such as communicating, adapting to change, teamwork and problem solving.

Experience personal growth: to develop self-reliance, step outside their comfort zone, build confidence and learn about themselves to identify their strengths and preferences for future career options.


If you are interested in doing an Industry Placement then please contact us