What is the My Futures Programme?

The My Futures Programme at SDT helps young people gain confidence. It also helps with understanding the core skills/qualities they will need and that are essential for employment or to get the most out of vocational learning.

Many young people don’t yet know what career path they want to take. They are still deciding what route is the most appropriate for them and how to realise their ow potential/skills.

Employers will look to a potential employee for academic achievement but they will also want to know if a person is able to function effectively in a workplace and if they have the communication skills to thrive in said environment. They will also look for other skills such as how to manage and organise time, work independently and meeting deadlines.

The Pathway Programme will see students work towards three City & Guilds qualifications over the academic year.


Who/How Can My Futures Help?

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Every student will receive information, advice and guidance support throughout their time on the course. They will also develop an understanding of Fundamental Values, Equality & Inclusion through workshops and visits from external health promotion practitioners.

Most importantly students will be supported to apply for further education in subject specific qualifications, an apprenticeship, an industry placement or employment.

Teaching and learning will involve taking part in a number of practical activities, this will help students to gain the skills/knowledge  in the context of employment and independent living.


Who Can Apply to My Futures?

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All learners will work towards gaining a level higher than they have previously achieved. We have an open door policy and you will be invited to undertake an initial assessment to help you choose what best suits your requirements

What Next?

After completing this course you could progress onto an Apprenticeship.

If you would like to apply for this course please either email enquiries@suttondistrict.co.uk or see our online contact form.

If you would like to see more information about the course please see our My Futures course page or download a prospectus and have a look at some of the other courses we offer.