We are all desperate for some good news, so the time is about right to give a great positive progression story.

Here is a student story from Matthew Manning, who took the Enemy Of Boredom Game Design Course at Sutton and District and now, since leaving the course, Matthew has a full-time position supporting the Games Design course.

He is some words from Matthew:

“Before I joined the Enemy Of Boredom game design course I was doing an IT course at a different college and was honestly struggling. The Special Educational Needs officer at that college suggested a visit to EOB. In less than a month I had jumped ship and started the Level 2 Game Design course.

At Enemy Of Boredom, I felt comfortable, had adequate help, and the atmosphere overall meant I could have fun learning a subject I’m interested in. I’ve always been into video games and was thrilled to be learning more about them.

After I finished my course as a student, I applied to do an internship with EOB and now I work as a Learning Support Assistant.

Currently, my favorite part working for Enemy Of Boredom is that the classes are no bigger than 15 students, which is a very chilled environment, making socialising easier for students.

In the future, I want to aim to become a Lead Tutor for Enemy Of Boredom within the Games Design course…

Sutton and District will be feeding you more positive progression stories as we move forward – this is another fantastic outcome for our students!

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