Creative Media

Essential Digital Skills

Entry Level 3

Level 2

Creative Digital Media Skills

Level 1, 2 & 3

The pandemic has changed the workplace for ever, with a shift to remote working for many. What impact will a ‘hybrid’ way of working have on how we communicate, connect and create? People with digital skills will be vital to companies who use technology to enable multiple modes of working.

If you have an interest in communication technology, social media applications, data, tools and collaboration features, that person could be you.

These courses will have a strong emphasis on the personal and social skills needed to be successful in the workplace, combined with english and maths they will enable you to be work ready with the skills needed for the whilst providing a nurturing environment to grow.

The objectives of this qualification are to enable Students to:

• Understand how to protect devices and data

• Communicate socially and professionally using technology

• Apply digital skills in personal and business situations

• Use digital resources to facilitate own career progression.

Artificial intelligence, is playing an increasing role in modern businesses and is about teaching machines to do jobs, predict, and make decisions based on detailed computation of past examples.

Digital Marketing can include things like pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimisation, email marketing, as well as the strategy to bring them together.

Social Media management tools, performance measurement, new channel research, brand presence/voice, influencer marketing, and paid vs organic all play a part in connecting with prospective and current users.

User Experience This is the art of making sure that apps, websites, and other digital channels are intuitive and enjoyable to use and plays an essential role in driving sales through online shopping.

Web Analytics means being able to quantifiably track the successes and failures of their digital initiatives. The digital skillset involved in collating and making sense of this data is web analytics. Things like benchmarking, audience segmentation, and measurement all fall under the remit of web analytics.

Course Duration

1 or 2 academic years.

Entry Requirements

All learners will work towards gaining a level higher than they have previously achieved. We have an open door policy and you will be invited to undertake an initial assessment to help you choose what best suits your requirements.

Next Steps

You could progress to University, Apprenticeship or a job in the industry.