EAL Level 1 Diploma in Construction – Plumbing

What you will study:


  • Structure of the construction industry
  • Fundamental safe working practices
  • Environmental and sustainability measures in domestic dwellings
  • Site preparation for working in the construction industry

Plumbing Studies

  • Above ground drainage
  • Copper pipework
  • Plastic pressure pipework
  • Low carbon steel pipework
  • Installation, repair and maintenance of plumbing systems
  • Plumbing science

Course Duration

1 year.

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements, we have an open door policy and you will be invited to undertake an initial assessment to help you choose what best suits your requirements.

Next Steps

You could progress to a Level 2 Diploma.


Student Testimonial

I was at SDT back in 2015, I had Morris as my plumbing tutor, when I first started I wasn’t very confident in my ability’s I tried to keep quite so I wasn’t asked any questions but Morris managed to bring me out of my shell and get me involved. He would always explain tasks to me if I didn’t understand and do his best to make sure that I got the very best out of my education.

The staff at SDT see the best in everyone and will try their hardest to show you your potential, they were always friendly and if I ever need to talk to someone or had problems I knew that I could talk to them as they had my best interests at heart.

Once I had finished my qualifications I would often go down to SDT to see how everyone was and let them know how grateful I was for all their help and the opportunities that they have given me, because of their hard work I managed to get my first job doing plumbing with a small company that was looking for a labourer.

I’m so grateful for all of the help SDT have provided me, they have a huge impact on my life and helped me in so many ways my attitude towards people change and I feel like being there has turned my life around. I feel that I’m very lucky to have gone to SDT and now I work for their pre sixteen company which takes in learners that have difficulty in mainstream schools so I can try to help them the way SDT helped me.