Our ESOL course is suitable for young people who are new to the country or have been living in the UK for a short while and for whom English is a second or additional language.

Following our City & Guilds ESOL Skills for Life programme, students can work from Entry 1 to a Level 2 qualification. Focus is on developing their Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening skills. The ASDAN Diploma in Personal Progress qualification is also available to enable some students to access the ESOL Skills for Life Course at a more appropriate time. Additional qualifications are delivered in Functional Skills maths and ICT at all levels.

Enrichment activities encourage our students to learn more about the UK through visits to places of interests such as museums and well known UK landmarks. Cultural walks and trips to the coast and into the country are also well received. Sporting and performing arts activities help build confidence, team work skills and encourage an interest and participation in the local community.

Introduction to UK Living

Students undertook a historical tour of London, visiting Westminster Abbey, Whitehall, Buckingham Palace, Kew Gardens and saw the changing of the Guard. They learnt about the historical past of each location and went onto investigating modern London.

Students took a trip along the South Bank visiting Tate Modern where they researched ideas for an art project they completed in class. Kew Gardens was enjoyed by all and students loved the vibrant atmosphere of Borough Market where they sampled food and drink from the stalls.

These trips help the students with travel planning, team working and communication skills. They can immerse themselves in new cultures and exciting experiences that support their ability to feel settled.


One of the fun and satisfying aspects about teaching ESOL students, is showing them the sights and places of interest around London and also exchanging ideas about our customs with theirs. From Christmas decorations and pancake races to pumpkin lanterns and Red nose day, we have enjoyed them all. We have also teamed with the Attic Theatre Company for drama workshops to further develop language skills and to enhance confidence building.


Student Story

My teacher is helpful, she understands all the students. The games we play in class have helped me learn new words and how to spell them. The small classes a good because students have a lot of the teachers’ time and are learning more, we watch videos and follow instruction, we use flash cards, these all help me to learn English.

I love it when we go outside and visit different places in and around Brighton, I am learning about the new area I live in. We have been to museums and the countryside where we took photos.

I love this college, all the staff are helpful and kind and understand us all.

Student Story

My name is Nam, I come from Vietnam. I came to the UK two years ago and came to study art Sutton District Training. Corina virus came and we all had to study at home, it was a long time away from college but now we are back.

At SDT l’ve have learnt English, maths and ICT. When I arrived at SDT I couldn’t speak English, I felt very shy. After studying for a long time, I have learnt to speak English and I feel confident. I’m happy about that and I will continue to improve and learn more.

At SDT there are five teachers, they are friendly and kind. Derek teaches me about maths and Geraldine teaches me English. Derek is a funny, handsome man with a big belly. Geraldine is so kind, she’s older but still looks young and fresh. In class she is serious with students which helps me and my friends pay attention. Everyone is wonderful.

In nearly two years of study I have made lots of friends who are sociable and fun. The facilities at the college are very good quality and I happy with it all. I really want to say thank you to my teachers and friends at SDT.