Industry Placements


Exciting New Opportunities at SDT

Here at Sutton and District Training we have implemented a very successful Industry Placements programme which will enable young people to gain the skills that they need to move into the world of employment. All students will be matched with a placement in the occupational area that they want to work in.

A quality industry placement at SDT will arm you with the technical skills you will need to give yourself the best possible chance for entering into skilled employment.

Benefits of Industry Placements include an opportunity for the student to:

Develop their employability “soft skills” such as communicating, adapting to change, teamwork and problem solving.

Experience personal growth: to develop self-reliance, step outside of their comfort zone, build confidence and learn about themselves to identify their strengths and preferences for future career options.

Placements will last for a minimum of 45 days

Students will improve their ability to gain a job

Likely to result in further opportunities like paid employment and apprenticeships

Students will develop their knowledge and skills that are relevant to their chosen course and future career

Students will have a greater understanding of what it is like to work in their chosen industry

Students will receive coaching and mentoring from a line manager


Occupationally specific and focused on developing the practical and technical skills required for the profession or trade that the student is studying for.