Here at Sutton and District Training we are very aware that some students will require additional needs in certain areas.

This is where our STEPS provision comes in, focusing mainly on ‘Preparation for Adulthood’

What is STEPS?

STEPS is a provision dedicated to helping students transition into Adulthood, encouraging and building confidence and helping cope with the everyday stresses that may arise in day too day living. Students will work closely with our local partners and take part in work experience.

We encourage fluidity between our vocations giving students the opportunity to undertake vocational tasters in areas such as hairdressing, plumbing and gaming. GCSE’s and FS’s Maths and English will also be part of the course.


Our provision aims to support the transition between education and employment.



STEPS is not exclusively for students with EHCPs, applicants will be considered on a needs basis.


The Diploma in Employability can be tailored to the individual student and will cover modules such as travel training, accessing local services, working as part of a team, and preparing for attending an interview.

Our provision aims to support the transition between education and employment. Upon completion of the qualification students move onto vocational pathways at Sutton and District Training, or work with our LBS partners such as Choice Support and South Thames College, working towards employment.

Our overall aim is to equip our students with the skills necessary to move into work and independent living whilst providing a nurturing environment to grow.

If you are interested in applying for this course please contact us!