Here at SDT we take the well-being of our students very seriously, in and out of college.

Having a good routine at college and at home is so important for students. Taking the time to look after your mental well-being can be a challenge but following these Top Tips for a successful college routine is a good start.

Even if you start slowly, choosing one of the below to do each week and building yourself up so you are eventually doing all of these things can really help with your general well-being, mood and can even build up your confidence in your abilities.


It is so important to plan your day or week ahead of time. It may seem like a boring task but it will really help you have a clear mind and put all worries aside about what you are doing that day/week. Write down what you are expected to do each day and a deadline for each task. Doing this will also give you a clear view on how much free time you will have to see friends and do other leisure activities. You will only ever have a positive outcome when you plan out your time.

Exercise Daily

Exercise can improve your mental health by reducing anxiety, depression and generally improving your mood, its a very powerful tool! Having a daily exercise routine is really important for a healthier mindset, it sets you up for the day and having this routine benefits your mind and body encouraging students to lead a healthier lifestyle going forward. Exercise can also improve your sleep pattern and give you an enormous sense of well-being.

Social Life

Constant studying can sometimes feel like a burden if its all you are doing every day, you need to take time out for some down time and for seeing your friends. This is where the planning comes in again, plan a couple of days a week or however many days you need to switch off from work and enjoy yourself for a few hours. This is so important for your well being, you don’t want to get completely bogged down in studying as it will end up stressing you out. So take that time out, enjoy yourself and forget about studying if you find your mind is getting a bit frazzled!


A good diet is not only essential for good health and nutrition but eating the right food can help your brain function better, helping memory, your mood and ability to focus. You should try and come up with a good well balanced diet and try never to skip a meal, your brain requires energy – in the form of the foods you eat. What you out into your body now can affect your brain later, including your ability to think, process information and remember things.


Getting a full nights sleep is so important if you want to start your day feeling fresh, switched on and focused. There is nothing worse than having a bad nights sleep, feeling drowsy and not being able to concentrate on anything. Sleep is a central part of learning, even while you are asleep your brain is still studying, working on your behalf. You should try and get at least 8 hours of sleep a night, putting a sleep schedule in place is a good idea then you can manage how many hours you are getting and what you need to change.