What is Blended Learning? Sutton and District Training have introduced this approach to help with student’s progress.

This was aided by the COVID 19 lockdown but definitely not limited to lockdown periods.

Blended Learning offers students a far more fluid way to access work without having to always be in one physical location.


Blended Learning at Sutton & District Training

Blended Learning takes the approach of learning using online materials/interaction methodologies. Also using face-to-face classroom learning techniques by mixing various techniques/learning styles and using different delivery methods. Requiring the physical presence of both teacher and student with elements of student control over time, place, path, or pace.

What are the benefits of Blended Learning?

Blended Learning at Sutton & District Training


Students always have access to education 

There are lots of variables in life that also have a knock-on effect on college life. With learning materials being accessible online 24/7 if a student needs time at home their education is still attainable.



Getting used to the new working world for technical students

Some of our technical courses include the business and game design courses. Many of these students will be moving into remote working environments. Getting students ready for the responsibilities of remote working lends its hand to our blended learning systems.



Students getting used to IT 

We live in a technical world, but, sometimes adults jump to conclusions thinking all young people are technical wizards. That is just not the case. We have seen a large up-skill in student IT abilities from the remote working side of blended learning.




Taking this learning approach can provide a flexible experience especially when presenting work. Students can often feel it daunting presenting work in front of a class or even entering into a full classroom. With this approach, it gives students the opportunity to present work using online tools whilst increasing confidence and IT skills.



Varied learning skills 

Everyone learns in different ways. Some people find it easier to learn in a classroom. They find that having that buzz of people around them and the atmosphere improves their learning. Others may find it beneficial to learn from home where it could be quieter/easier to concentrate with no distractions. Students may also prefer a mix of the both, this is why blended learning is so beneficial. It teaches students what mode of learning they prefer and ultimately helping them get the best learning experience.



Sutton and District Training are very proud of the way that students have embraced Blended Learning. We see it as a positive forward way of learning.

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